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Juice up your e-cigarette with our flavored Rodelu E Juice, buy superior e-juice and dont make the mistake many beginning vapor smokers make and buy cheap E-juice. We have top quality nicotine juice with excellent taste. Also, most e-cigarette brands sell pre-filled cartridges or a small selection of flavors, causing vapers to get bored quickly with the generic mixtures.

We do things differently than most other e-cigarette companies. Firstly, we believe the measure of an e-cigarette lies in the quality of its eliquid, and we’re especially proud of our products which are made with the strictest manufacturing standards in the industry. But we don’t just brag about being the best¬† but we prove it in how we make our custom e-juice blends and the top line ingredients we use.

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MENTOLIO E-liquid Premium E-liquid

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